Our Church thrives because of the energy and style of the people who are a part of our leadership.


Rev. Gerry Metzger


Loreen Rhodes

Loreen Rhodes has served as church secretary for over a decade.  She is faithful in her job and produces the weekly bulletin, the bi-monthly newsletter, the annual yearbook listing all who participate in the life of the church and what they do, the annual membership directory, the annual member meeting information packet, and any other special publications that need processing.  Loreen is the cheerful voice you hear on the telephone line if you call to get information or ask questions. 

Church Custodian

Patsy Schmidt

Patsy Schmidt has been keeping our church facility clean and safe for well over a decade.  She cleans the building each Monday after its use for Sunday worship and activities and cleans it again on Fridays in preparation for the next Sunday.  Patsy cheerfully helps out when special needs occur or when a special event is planned in the building. 

Pastor Assistant

Mindy Malatek

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Church Council President

Kelly Janak

  June 2021  
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