Ways to Unite with Our Congregation

All are always welcome to worship and fellowship with us.  You do not have to be a member of our church to come to worship services or fellowship times or special events.  We welcome everyone of every race, ethnic group, sexual orientation, and any other distinctive feature to be a part of our faith community in whatever way you determine to be best for you.  All adults are welcome to share Holy Communion when it is served. Children who have received communion in another faith tradition are also welcome to receive communion when it is served. 


If you decide you would like to be a member of Weimar United Church of Christ in order to participate in church meetings and to hold an office within the church or to serve on designated church committees, there are two ways to become a full member:


1. If you are already a member of another part of the Christian family, you can transfer your membership from your home church and be aligned with our congregation.  We accept the baptisms that are practiced by all other parts of the Christian faith.  When you talk with the pastor about joining the church, just tell him the name of the church where your membership exists and we will send them a letter informing them of your transfer to our church membership.  We will welcome you at the conclusion of a regular worship service. 


2. If you are not a member of another church, you can join our congregation through Profession of Faith in Jesus Christ.  If you have not been baptized, you will need to do that also.  If you have been baptized but are not a member of a church, then you simply come forward on a designated Sunday and answer a few questions regarding your desire to become a part of our congregation.  Then, the members of the church will file by and extend the right hand of fellowship to you to welcome you into membership.


3. Young people who have been baptized as an infant become members of our church by completing the rite of confirmation.  At the age of 13 or when a young person is in 8th grade, they are taught about the Christian Faith and what it means to be a member of the United Church of Christ.  At the end of the teaching time, they are confirmed into the Christian faith and are accepted as full members of Weimar UCC. 


We baptize persons through the methods of sprinkling, pouring, and immersion.  Sprinkling uses only a handfull of water as the pastor speaks the words of baptism.  Pouring is when a person kneels and holds his/her head over a basin and a pitcher of water is poured over it.  Immersion is when someone is completely immersed under water so that all of their body is submerged.  Immersion has to be done where there is a baptistry or a large body of water during weather that permits it to be done outdoors.  If you have never been baptized and desire to become a member, discuss the method of baptism that you prefer.  We believe that it is not the amount of water that baptizes a person but it is the intention of being baptized that is the act that brings it about.  God is the actor in baptism.  The pastor is acting on behalf of God in completing the sacrament during a time of worship. 


If you have any questions regarding church membership, baptism, or confirmation, please contact Pastor Kristin by phone at 979-725-8315 or by email at ucpastor@cvctx.com. 

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