Building Rental

Weimar United Church of Christ offers our building for rental. Our grounds are open to the members and non-members to use. Our fewllowship hall has a full kitchen for all your food preparaton and can hold up to 100 guest. In our fellowship hall there is a projector and screen available to use. For full rental agreement terms and rental fees, please download file below . If you have any questions about renting our facility please give the church office at 979-725-8315.

Schedule of Fees for Non-Church Members:

  • Wedding & Rehersal (limited one rehersal) : $550.00 (includes refundable cleaning fee of $150.00) **Additional fees apply for our pastor and organist; See "The Wedding Services" for additional informaiton**
  • Funerals: $375.00 (If more than one day is requested, uses of our kitchen and fellowship hall and if our Pastor and/or Orgainst are requested additional charges will apply)
  • Fellowship Hall & Kitchen  (for catered meal): $200.00 (refundable cleaning of $100.00)
  • Fellowship Hall & Kitchen (full meal preparation): $250.00 (refundalble cleaning of $100.00) 
  • Fellowship Hall (little kitchen uses) : $175.00 (refundable cleaning of $75.00)
  • Full Facility Use (excluding santurary): $300.00 (full meal preparation, add $50.00, includes refundable cleaning fee of $75.00)
  • Library: $100.00 (includes refundable cleaning fee of $50.00)
  • Church Grounds: $50.00 (must be left clean)
  July 2021  
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