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We belong to the denomination called The United Church of Christ.  It's headquarters is located in Cleveland, Ohio.  We are a connectional and covenantal church in that each church covenants with other churches to participate in mission and ministry together.  We support our Association and Conference (learn more about them in the mission section) by voluntarily giving to assist them.  We also help each other by participating in five designated mission offerings each year.   Those offerings benefit disaster relief efforts in the world (Did you know that the UCC was one of the first church groups to respond when the tsunami struck Japan a few years ago?), help establish new churches where they are needed, and aid those who are in need of the basics of life in many places.  The United Church of Christ has had a history of standing up for and with those who have been oppressed and marginalized in society.


Each United Church of Christ congregation elects its own pastor and decides how its monies will be spent.  Each congregation elects its officers to serve their church and conducts business in open meetings that all may attend (although only members may vote).  Congregations have authority at the local church level to make decisions and grant authority to the Association and Conference as they see fit to participate with other congregations in the UCC. 


The United Church of Christ partners with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) to fulfill their mission calling in the world.  The UCC partners with other Protestant denominations to do ministry on college campuses.  The United Church of Christ is a part of the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches.  To learn more about the United Church of Christ, visit the website at: 

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